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At WTEC, we in focus on achieving successful transformations and long-term business value, rather than merely delivering a ‘product’ or technology.

We do this using a pragmatic blend of proven frameworks including PRINCE 2, ITIL, Managing Successful Programs (MSP) and PMBOK. 

Project Planning

To have a successful rollout, project managers rely on a well-crafted project plan to ensure objectives are met on time and on budget. A project plan is a formal approved document which is used to define project goals, outline the project scope, monitor deliverables, and mitigate risks. It must answer basic questions like what is the purpose of the project, what activities are involved, who will be responsible for what, and when is it expected to be completed? It is not to be confused with the Gantt chart.

Scope Management

Scope definition and change control.

Time Management

Estimation, control and management of progress against contract schedule, including the achievement of tasks, milestones and delivery schedules against the Prime Service Provider’s master schedule.

Cost Management

Resource planning, estimation, budgeting and control of contracted services

Quality Management

Planning, assurance and control, Human Resource Management, including team development and ensuring synergies are maintained between the Prime Service Provider and WTEC.



WTEC is committed to undertaking projects on behalf of your organisation by providing high quality, security cleared staff to meet both ongoing and surge requirements.  The WTEC team will undergo formal training to ensure we are able to represent your organization within the project services undertaken.  This will enable us to provide you with the best mix of employees and staffing options to meet all of your commitments.




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