Our staff have significant Subject Matter Expertise within the DIE including the Unclassified, Restricted, Secret and Top Secret information security domain levels and the Coalition Environment.  We can provide you with scalability and flexibility by enhancing your current capabilities through working within your team or providing end-to-end solutions on your behalf.  Our experience will provide you with Subject Matter expertise on the design, integration and Business as Usual requirements and environmental considerations within the DIE and the expectations and processes of the Defence CIOG.

WTEC is experienced in systems deployment for the Directorate of ICT Infrastructure across all classification levels.  All employees are well versed in the security requirements across the networks when deploying equipment.  Our Systems Deployment Services include:

  • High Level understanding of CIOG Change Management processes and workflows to ensure Acceptance Into Service of projects are seamless.

  • Experienced understanding of CIOG Project Mandates including the requirement to Coordinate Defence ICT capabilities. This includes strong recognition of CIOG governance responsibilities.

  • Integrating and understanding design requirements for CIOG’s Integrated Plan of Work (IPW). 

  • Installing, configuring, testing and setting-to-work the system to ensure that it meets the requirements of the project as specified by Defence;  

  • Smooth transition of the system into service as well as plan and implement the corresponding transfer of responsibilities where appropriate;

  • Logistic support including the preparation, supply and/or maintenance of system documentation including user manuals, technical manuals, operator manuals, system support manuals, system configuration documentation;

  • Identifying requirements and documenting design change for networks, systems, hardware and software;  

  • Designing upgrades and documenting associate site configuration changes;

  • Pre-build and configuration of servers, desktops and network infrastructure in preparation for on site deployment;

  • Adherence to functional, performance or product specifications supplied by Defence and will optimally satisfy the requirements of the project under the Prime Service Provider; and

  • Developing systems to meet the requirements of the functional, performance, product or design specifications as may be appropriate or required by Defence.