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WTEC is experienced in planning, estimating, co-ordinating, documenting, implementing, monitoring and reporting all activities undertaken within projects for Defence.

 Our Contract Delivery and Project Management Services include:

  • Integration Management, including project plan development and coordinated execution based on Prime Service Provider requirements;

  • Scope Management, including scope definition and change control; 

  • Time Management, including estimation, control and management of progress against contract schedule, including the achievement of tasks, milestones and delivery schedules against the Prime Service Provider’s master schedule;

  • Cost Management, including resource planning, estimation, budgeting and control of contracted services;

  • Quality Management, including planning, assurance and control;

  • Human Resource Management, including team development and ensuring synergies are maintained between the Prime Service Provider and WTEC;

  • Risk Management, including identifying, analyzing and responding to project risk;

  • Procurement Management, including management of acquisition of goods and/or services; and

  • Monitoring, including monitoring of project performance against contracted/agreed project plan(s), schedule(s) and budget(s) and monitoring of disciplines to ensure that services comply with the required service standards for specific services/tasks and activities; and

  • Progress Reporting, including information distribution and reporting.  Preparation and presentation of project progress and performance reports. Detailed reporting will be provided to the Prime Service Provider to ensure that the scope, quality, schedule, risk and cost of each project meets the requirements of the respective project.